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At Ultimate Creations, we pride ourselves in providing a range of quality services to meet all of your beauty needs, including body contouring, custom wigs, hair cutting, yoni steaming, teeth whitening, and many more to help you feel great about yourself.

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  • Kesi Okono

    Hey I actually loved the products it really helped out with the babies hair and I used some the products in a couple heads I did over the weekend and worked out perfect and smells wonderful and I tried the edge control today on myself and that is excellent.

  • Karen Jackson

    OMG! Thank you so much. I use the edge control and I love it! It's not greasy and love how it goes smoothly. I received another compliments from my daughter-in-law today about how my hair looks healthy and growing!

    Received my soap and OMG I love it and it smells so good. I put coco butter on after. My face feels so smooth.

  • Kyla Minter

    Look how healthy you got my hair I'll be in for my next fix! My dad was really surprised with the growth especially after I had the baby. But you have trim/washed and been doing my hair and it's a huge difference. Thank you!

  • Hope Jones

    I've been using the drops since Monday. I was bloated and hadn't had a BL. I weighed myself yesterday but didn't take a picture. Yesterday I was 225.6. I was in the bathroom all night yesterday. I work 6P to 6A and today I weighed 219.6
    6 LBS DOWN!!

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Body contouring helps remove excess skin, fat, and muscle to sculpt the body you’ve always wanted.Β It can be best described as a process by which unwanted fat is removed from specific areas of the body to restore or maintain a preferred shape.


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